English Norman is an incredibly talented jewelry designer and craftsperson based in Atlanta, GA. She loves color, texture, and change. Color because she loves art. Texture because she loves silversmithing, combining metals, and creating a rich tary in her work. Change because she loves how flowers and plants bloom and grow, how designs evolve in her studio, and how one bit of art influences another.  English’s lifelong love of color pervades her unique, brightly-colored hand-smithed jewelry crafted of Argentium silver, 14K goldfill, and faceted semi-precious stones. Her background in architecture is evident in her structural designs which are formed by hand-smithing Argentium silver or gold with an acetylene torch.  English's Bespoke Bangles were recently featured in The Best of the City issue of The Atlantan magazine. The Name Collection includes the popular Bespoke Bangles and Necklaces allowing the wearer to hold children's names close to their hearts.