Personalized Mom silver Bespoke Bangle with 18K gold dots

English Norman

After each personalized order, the artist will send you a personal email confirming details about the personalization. There is not a way to specify names and such on the website order page. But don't worry! English will email you!

A perfect gift for any mother or grandmother- children's names stamped into a delightful, bespoke silver bangle.  Each letter is individually stamped resulting in a bracelet that is charming in its simplicity and imperfection.  For those who wear gold and silver, here is the perfect gift!  The 18K gold dots give gold and silver wearers great flexibility in choosing what to wear each day. This is the original Bespoke Bangle crafted of ethically sourced metal. It is a solid metal bangle and will not fall off your wrist like a cuff or clasp bangle might.

To make the bracelet perfect for you, you can choose to put just children's names or children's names and birthdates on the bracelet. Check out #customesn on Instagram to see examples of how people personalized their Bespoke Bangles. So many options!

The slightly oval circumference measures 8" which fits most wrist sizes. We can make the bangle smaller or larger than the standard size depending on the size of your hand. Need help determining the bangle size? Please check out our suggestions under the FAQ page.

Why is the bangle with 18K dot more expensive?  First, there is the actual cost of gold. Second, each gold dot is cut from wire, torched into a ball, and then flattened. Finally, attaching the dot to the bangle adds additional steps. But the added flexibility of wearing both gold and silver makes it extremely popular! 

Need ideas? Bridesmaid bangles, 40th birthday gift, grandchildren's names, children's names, retirement gift, confirmation gift, pet names (oh yes!) ... the list of possibilities goes on and on!!

Feel free to email me with questions and to send me your specific names.  englishnorman at yahoo dot com.

Design is copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997- 2021. Each piece is handcrafted in our Atlanta, GA studio. DON'T FORGET, English will email you AFTER the order is completed to get the customization details.




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