What about shipping?

The current turnaround time for the personalized bangles and necklaces is about 2 weeks.  Email to see if the kids are in camp, school, or what our schedule is like... Faster shipping is possible, but it costs more money, obviously. Please note, due to numerous issues with USPS over the holidays, most orders will be shipped UPS Ground.

Personalized bangles and how to size

The personalized bangles are individually handcrafted and cannot be returned. After you place your order, you'll receive an email asking about what you would like on the bangle and what size it should be. The typical bangle is 8" in inner circumference, but it can be made larger or smaller depending on the person's hand size. While wrist size might seem important, the bangle should fit snugly over the person's hand so it is the hand size that really matters. To get a perfect fit, take a strip of paper, mark 1/4" increments, and tape together.  See what size the hand fits through. It should be a slight struggle to get a bangle over the hand so that it fits comfortably on the wrist. 
If the bangle is a gift, you might want to keep it a surprise :) Therefore, think about the recipient's hand.  If the person has ever joked about having "man hands" (I'm not kidding- I can't tell you how many women describe their hands as such!), you will want to go up to an 8 1/4" or even an 8 1/2". If the person has a small frame or "dainty" hands, you might want to go to a 7 1/2" or a 7 3/4".  I have often said that I can make a bangle smaller, but I can't make it bigger. Thank you so much and I look forward to making a wonderful personalized bangle for you!


 Location & Events 



The Raiford Gallery

1169 Canton Street, Roswell GA, 30075


The Laughing Dog Gallery

2910 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963


omar + elsie

114 Old Lafayette Avenue, Lexington, KY 40502


Pink Chicken New York 

1223 Madison Avenue (at E 88th Street), New York, NY 10128