Hammered Ribbon Bangle in 14k goldfill

English Norman

It should seem obvious to have a bangle recognizing what so many of our friends struggling with something that requires a ribbon emblem. Instead, it took 2 dear friends (they are patrons, really) to ask about a ribbon symbol for a 3rd friend diagnosed with breast cancer. In honor of our mutual friend, a portion of each of these bangles sold will benefit https://myturningpoint.org in Atlanta.

The ribbon as a symbol raises awareness about a particular cause or health issue. Many of us are familiar with the pink breast cancer ribbon, the purple ribbon for Alzheimer’s disease, yellow ribbons for family members serving in the military overseas, and AIDS awareness. The first yellow ribbon was hung around trees in the 1970s by Penney Laingen whose husband was a hostage in Iran. Next was the red ribbon worn by Jeremy Irons for AIDS awareness. And one of the most iconic is the pink ribbon used as a show of support for those with breast cancer.

The handstamped metal circle is soldered to the top of the bangle which has been hammered by hand. The resulting texture adds contrast to the smooth round of the other side. Each one is individually made so check out our FAQ page to find measurement suggestions. Choose a personalized bangle from The Name Collection to add to your stack!

Available in either 14K goldfill or Argentium silver, each bangle is handcrafted to the size you choose. Need help determining the bangle size? Please check out our suggestions under Contact Us. The artist will contact you after your order to confirm the standard 8" size or see if you would like it larger or smaller. 

Each piece is handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta, GA studio. English uses ethically sourced and “fairmined” metal in her jewelry that she sources from a company who refines more metal than they pull anew out of the earth. All designs are copyrighted, ESN Artisan Jewelry 1997-2019.

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