Hammered Paw Bangle in silver or 14k goldfill

English Norman

Our furry friends enrich our lives in immeasurable ways, don’t they? Celebrate your faithful companion with a paw bangle- well, dogs are faithful... cats are just more complicated. 🤣

Simple and elegant, the bangle features a handstamped paw. The handstamped metal circle is soldered to the top of the bangle which has been hammered by hand. The resulting texture adds contrast to the smooth round of the other side. Choose a personalized bangle from The Name Collection to add to your stack! (PS- the bangles in the colorful photo have the ribbon awareness stamp in them- they are just for reference for how the bangle looks on your arm.)

Available in either 14K goldfill or Argentium silver, each bangle is handcrafted to the size you choose. Need help determining the bangle size? Please check out our suggestions under Contact Us. The artist will contact you after your order to confirm the standard 8" size or see if you would like it larger or smaller. 

Each piece is handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta, GA studio. English uses ethically sourced and “fairmined” metal in her jewelry that she sources from a company who refines more metal than they pull anew out of the earth. All designs are copyrighted, ESN Artisan Jewelry 1997-2019.

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