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English Norman- metalsmith, designer, maker

English NormanEnglish Norman is an incredibly talented jewelry designer and craftsman. She loves color, texture, and change. Color because she loves art. Texture because she loves silversmithing, combining metals, and creating a rich tapestry in her work. Change because she loves how flowers and plants bloom and grow, how designs evolve in her studio, and how one bit of art influences another.  English’s lifelong love of color pervades her unique, brightly-colored hand-smithed jewelry crafted of Argentium silver, 14K goldfill, and faceted semi-precious stones. Many of her pieces boast vibrant colors in colorful, rich tones.

Her background in architecture is evident in her structural designs which are formed by hand-smithing Argentium silver with an acetylene torch. English’s love of jewelry starts with an old hatbox. It belonged to her grandmother and was covered in an elegant, muted paper. Inside were the most wonderful buttons -small, shiny, pearl, shell, metal, carved, smooth. She loved these gorgeous and these small bits of treasure made her itch to design, and she became the next generation of women in her family to work with her hands.

Based in Atlanta, GA, English has been silver-smithing for over 15 years and hand-crafting jewelry for more than 20. She thinks any day in the studio is a great day, even when things do not go as planned. Because learning from our mistakes is supposed to be cool, right? But that is not all English loves. She also raises chickens! Her beautiful, old home has a sprawling yard where her 19 chickens have a wonderful, carefree life, and her children learn something new about nature every day.


Elizabeth Sheehan - Graphic Designer

Elizabeth is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design focusing on Graphic Design. She has been living in Atlanta with her artsy family for over 20 years and working with English for more than half of that. The love of art and design has always been part of her life. It is always a delight in to find other passionate artists to work with and English is one of her favorites! (the drawing is from a series of family portraits her daughter creates each Father's Day).














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