Bangle expansion to add a link in silver

English Norman

As I mention on the About Us page, we try hard to get the size right for the bangles. Sizing down a bangle takes time but it is nothing compared to expanding a bangle. Expanding a bangle entails deconstructing the bangle, resanding, adding the link, resoldering the bangle together, reshaping, resanding, and repolishing. Plus there is the expense of the additional material added to the bangle. This is really just a nominal charge and doesn't really cover the time it takes to expand... Let's try our best to get the bangle size correct:) If it must be expanded, English can add a link to the bangle, but this can only work with the silver options. The 14K goldfill bangle cannot be expanded without damaging the gold surface.

Please only use this code if you have already ordered your bangle and have corresponded with me about changing the size.


Thank you!!

Collections: The Name Collection

Type: bracelet

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