The Encapsulated Collection

What story does your jewelry tell? Each piece in the Encapsulated Collection definitely has one! Dying bees outside my studio a few years ago inspired the entire Encapsulated Series. Perhaps the bees had just reached the end of their short lives, but I was struck by the intricate beauty of the bees scattered around under a Vitex tree. Instead of just sweeping them aside, I decided to create a special case for them and encapsulate their beauty forever in resin. Frozen in resin and time, its beauty can be appreciated and admired.

You can’t capture time but you can capture memories.  The creatures encapsulated in the clear resin of these earrings and necklaces are reminders of moments that have come and gone -- intricate, interconnected and irreplaceable.  Found objects are set in a handsmithed Argentium silver pendant and captured by clear resin as a way to celebrate and appreciate their beauty.   God's creatures are varied, amazing, and beautiful, so each piece is unique and different (no insects were harmed in the creation of this series).