Jingle jangle silver bangle

English Norman

Add a little jingle to your life! These bangles pair particularly well with our Bespoke Bangles here. 

A perennial ESN Artisan Jewelry favorite, these silver bangles are simple and perfect for layering on your wrist. Made of square Argentium silver wire, each bangle can be shaped into a square or an oval. The oval is always a popular shape. The square adds variety to the bangles on your arm, plus this shape feels "smaller" for those with who don't want too much extra dangling around their wrist. They vary in size so if you need a particularly small or larger one, email us at englishnorman at yahoo dot com.


Generally, these bangles are plain and smooth but texture can be added as well. The bottom bangle in the photo (on the blue ceramic pot) has had a circle texture hammered into it. 




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