ESN Minis Initial necklace

English Norman

After each personalized order, the artist will send you a personal email confirming details about the personalization. There is not a way to specify names and such on the website order page. But don't worry! English will email you!

These precious minis are perfect for teens, children, tweens, and their moms! Each initial necklace is handstamped and soldered onto a decorative charm. IAfter you order, English will email you to see what initial you'd like and what charm. These items are custom made so use your imagination!

Charms available are:

Awareness ribbon








Skull and Crossbones

Small bird

Small butterfly

Small flower


These darling charms are suspended on either silk eco-friendly cord (choose navy, light blue, orange, turquoise, or purple) or leather (hot pink, green, brown, red, or turquoise). The USA made deer hide leather is harvested from Fish & Wildlife Services' scheduled thinning in regions of deer overpopulation. It's good to be responsible with your findings :) 

Each piece is handcrafted in our Atlanta, GA studio. All designs are copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2019.

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