Citron Coral Eclipse Necklace

English Norman

Handsmithed Argentium silver approx. 28" necklace with lemon quartz and coral. Each silver "Eclipse" is unique. This necklace is inspired by the sun-bleached colors of the tropics with an organic coral piece adorned by beautiful lemon quartz stones cut to capture light rays in the most exquisite ways. Like an eclipse, each stone is unique. There may be slight variations between the photo and the actual stones used in the necklace.

Eclipse  Collection
That rare moment when one celestial body passes in front of another: bright, elusive and eternally special, just like the jewelry in this collection. What’s not there is as important as what is, with the negative space balancing the silver circles and their light-catching textures.

Chunky yet lightweight, this necklace has a toggle clasp in the back. You can make a statement with this piece of art or wear it casually out to play.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted in our Atlanta, GA studio. All designs are copyrighted, ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2019.


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