Nepalese Silver Necklace

English Norman

Sourced from ESN Studio...

This past summer, I met this wonderful man at a gem show. His parents were Tibetan but moved to Nepal when China took over in the 50s. He grew up in Nepal and sources beads from the artists there on his trips back. Karma was part of his name and it fit him perfectly.

I’ve paired these Nepalese beads with aventurine, turquoise, and faceted aquamarine stones. The length is variable and can be as short as 25” or as long as 36”.

Recently, I looked around the studio and took stock of how many gemstones, half-finished silver components, and gorgeous beads are neatly in boxes. Just sitting there. They deserve to be made into jewelry and their beauty celebrated! I'm already very careful with where I source my metals and stones (fair trade/sustainably mined) and realize I have a gold mine in my own studio! I'm challenging myself to think responsibly and source from ESN Studio.

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