Full Eclipse necklace with turritella agate

English Norman

Handsmithed Argentium silver necklace.  The largest Eclipse is 1 3/4" in diameter with a toggle clasp.  The necklace hangs about 20" but the toggle can be adjusted to shorted.  The asymmetry of the Eclipse pieces creates interest, and the highlighted piece of turritella agate is just cool.  What is turritella agate? For all who crave a bit of science in their day, turritella agate is formed from fossilized Elimia Tenera which were freshwater gastropods.

That rare moment when one celestial body passes in front of another: bright, elusive and eternally special, just like the jewelry in this collection. What’s not there is as important as what is, with the negative space balancing the silver circles and their light-catching textures.

This necklace is lightweight and versatile, going from a bright noon luncheon to an evening stargazing with equal ease.  Large and chunky, this necklace will gently grace your neck. 

Each piece is designed and handcrafted in our Atlanta, GA studio. All designs are copyrighted, ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2018.

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