Encapsulated June Beetle silver necklace

English Norman

The Bug Collection

Each piece in The Bug Collection is truly one of a kind. The handcrafted June beetle necklace is no exception. Found (dead) in our Atlanta backyard, this Cotinis Nitida necklace is made of Argentium silver, has a handcrafted toggle clasp, and hangs from an 18 1/2" chain.  The pendant itself is 1 1/4" tall, just over 1" wide, and is 3/4" deep. Frozen in resin and time, its beauty can be appreciated and admired. The model is wearing another necklace from this collection. 

Why bugs? My kids love to collect dead bugs and cicada shells for my "jewelry project," and I love these well-earned treasures. Dying bees outside my studio a few years ago inspired the entire Encapsulated Series. Perhaps the bees had just reached the end of their short lives, but I was struck by the intricate beauty of the bees scattered around under a Vitex tree. Instead of just sweeping them aside, I decided to create a special case for them and encapsulate their beauty forever in resin. It is rare to find a June beetle in our backyard, but the shimmering green beauty is worth preserving and celebrating with a necklace. 

The Encapsulated Collection
You can’t capture time but you can capture memories. The precious creature encapsulated in the clear resin of this necklace is a reminder of moments that have come and gone -- intricate, interconnected and irreplaceable. The bugs are carefully collected and set in a handsmithed Argentium silver oval case and captured by clear resin so each pendant is unique and different. These are truly one of a kind.

All designs are copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2017. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta, GA studio. Join us on IG at @englishnorman and FB at ESN Artisan Jewelry.

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