Bespoke necklace silver tags

English Norman

The Bespoke necklace in silver includes 3 "tags" with a stamp on it. If you'd like to include additional tags, each one is $20. Please only order these tags if you are also purchasing a Bespoke Necklace which you can find here. This item is for one additional tag with purchase of the Bespoke Necklace. (The tag alone isn't priced for free shipping so that is why the necklace purchase is also required.)


The website does not provide a place for you to specify the names when you order. But rest assured, we will send you an email asking what names you would like to have stamped. And yes, the photo has gold tags shown. We will send the correct tags to match your necklace :)


The Bespoke Bangles and necklace are copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2017.

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