Proper ventilation is always a good idea

August 16, 2013

You would think that good ventilation would be the first thing to create in a silversmithing studio...  But somehow ever since we moved, I haven't had time to research what kind of vent to get and how to configure it.  In the interim, I cranked open the window, turned the fan around backwards, and sent the fumey air outside.  While an open window offers nice fresh air, the bugs in summer bugged me (sorry!). Plus, it was hot in the summer, wet during rain, and FREEZING in the winter. I hated being environmentally unfriendly so basically left the air off.


Silversmithing with an open window wasn't the worst situation- after all, I am blessed to have a fabulous studio!  The fumes from the acetylene tank went right out the window.  i felt in touch with the birds outside...  When I switched to handcrafting jewelry with goldfill, though, the fumes changed!  Flux (the liquid that helps solder flow to fuse metals) for silver and gold are different- gold uses boric acid and it is nasty!  So here is my new ventilation:


And it is exciting!!  Just flip a switch and it quietly pulls the fumes up and out of the building.  Of course, I had to hire an HVAC person to install it and hook up the electricity. But it's done and I have fresh air again!

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