Monday Musings... Spotlight on Art

January 25, 2016

Before I had children, I loved being out in the community participating in artist markets and art shows. A perfect weekend meant being out in the sun (no rain...) and socializing with fellow artists and customers. In fact, I hosted an artist market for 13 years out of my home and got to meet so many local talented people. But having kids changes things in so many ways (understatement of the year, right?!). It's not as easy for me to break away for a weekend to be in an art show or spend so much time away from the kids. And this is why I look forward to being included in Trinity School's Spotlight on Art each year! 

Spotlight on Art is completely run by parent volunteers from Trinity School in Atlanta. For 34 years, these parents have steadily built an amazing artist market that has been written up in Garden & Gun, Southern Living, and even has a preview event at Neiman Marcus! The event attracts nationally known artists and so many local ones. When each kid was little, I would pop him/her in the Baby Bjorn and spend the morning admiring the amazing paintings and jewelry. Fortunately, the kids can walk beside me now and we love seeing what everyone brings!


[Yes, I can barely see over the counter- but I can! And of course, I love seeing chicken paintings...]

I've been honored to be included as an artist at Spotlight on Art again this year for ESN Artisan Jewelry as well as my oil paintings. It is a lot of work to get ready for such a fabulous show! One reason I love this show, though, is that I get to connect with customers again. I'm usually there from 10-2 during the day so I don't have to worry about where the kids are- they're in school! It's fun to connect with the same customers I've know for years and used to see out in the artist market circuit. Plus, an artist market like Spotlight on Art is the perfect place to bring one of a kind pieces and try out new styles to see what people like. 


[One of a kind turquoise and chrysocalla rings. Unique druzy necklaces. Original oils...]

So, if you want an amazing artist market complete with incredible paintings, jewelry, gifts, and so much more, stop by Spotlight on Art next week! It's worth the drive if you're out of town. And each event is open to the public! Bring a friend and stop by the jewelry section to say hello :) You'll find amazing jewelry from other friends like Throwing Stars Jewelry by Amy Leff, S. Carter Designs, Vintage Green, Audrey Allman Designs, and Whitney Rooker.


[And your tried and true favorites!]

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