Two minds are better than one

August 28, 2015

The cool part of working with wonderfully stylish people like Caycee Hewitt of Hanging with the Hewitts and Natalie Mason of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers is the wonderful collaborations we create! I spoke with Caycee a few months ago about creating a unique bangle for her with her children's birthstones. I tried and tried to problem solve how to make this great idea a reality. But then I couldn't get the 14K goldfill sheet in a thick enough gauge to carve a seat for the stone. So then I tried to find a 14K goldfill bezel cup to set on the bangle. No such luck... I could do these in silver, but Caycee wears gold.

After some great conversations with Caycee, we decided to work on a pendant necklace that would have her husband's name as the strong foundation (love that analogy) and her children's above it. It wasn't until I had the pendants made that I realized it looked best all nestled together on the same ring. 




This was such a fun, fabulous collaboration! Caycee has such a great sense of style and knew she wanted birthstones as part of her keepsake necklace. The best ideas come when working together. I'm so glad we were able to work together to create such a unique and treasured piece!


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