Endless possibilities with bespoke bangle

June 12, 2014

Right before Mother's Day, ESN Artisan Jewelry was so fortunate to have New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin feature our bangle for her Facebook and Twitter Friday giveaways.  Response was tremendous with orders pouring in from Texas, Michigan, California, Minnesota, New York, Florida- the list just goes on and on! Then the bangles were featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. So exciting!!The personalized bangles have been so much fun to craft! One of my favorite things is seeing how many creative people are out there to come up with precious ideas for their very own, bespoke bracelet. I've been making jewelry for years- who doesn't love a great pair of earrings or a necklace?! But something with these bangles have resonated with people. It has been such an honor to create these very personal, bespoke gifts for women across the country.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites and a bunch of great ideas:


This lucky grandmother has 10 grandchildren filling her bangle.  The names filled up every bit of space on the bangle, and the names are "hugging" her wrist!


These are mothers' photos who were surprised by their gifts on Mother's Day and then posted on the ESN Artisan Jewelry Facebook page (go follow us!).

The father on the left ordered a bangle for each child with name and birthdate. The father on the right ordered one bangle with first and middle names for each child.


One family designed a wonderful confirmation gift- the child's name and confirmation date were inside the bangle.


Of course, part of the fun of bangles is layering!! Here are two customers with the silver bangle with 18K gold dots on it.  The multi-metal bangles blend gold and silver together seamlessly.


It's fun to stack up a bunch of bangles when they are ready :)  Here you can see a lot of variety including single names, two children's names with birthdates, three names, and all silver or silver with 18K gold dots. One family made a bangle with grandchildren's names and a second one with the grandmother's own children's names. One of my favorites was the Facebook winner for Emily Giffin's Friday Giveaway. She listed her daughter's name, her child's birthday (July 4, 2013), and a quote "our little sparkler". Precious!


Another clever daughter had one made for her mother and mother-in-law with all the grandchildren's names.. plus a blank space for the new grandchild arriving later this year. She gave it to them with a smiley face (written in Sharpie pen) to announce they were expecting another child.  I'm sure those grandmothers were thrilled! Friends have ordered them as a unique 40th birthday gift, for a retirement present, with dogs' names on the bangle, to commemorate adoption and "gotcha" dates, and as a perfect, personalized bridesmaid gift... The only limit is imagination and space- and I can help with the imagination part, of course.


I can't wait to see what you all come up with next! Thank you so much for letting me create your wonderful treasures.

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