I’m speaking with The Debate Fly (black onyx) rectangle necklace

English Norman

“I’m speaking.” My 11 year old daughter was watching the 2020 VP debates when she heard Kamala Harris say this to VP Pence who was interrupting her. My daughter looked at me and said, "SHE could be our next VP?!" She watched a woman standing up for herself amidst disrespectful interruptions. It’s a simple phrase, but unfortunately it is necessary for women to use this phrase to stop interruptions. A recent study (email me if you want citations) shows that male Supreme Court justices interrupt female SC justices 3 times more often than the reverse. And female SC justices are interrupted by male ATTORNEYS 3 times more often than male SC justices are. Other research is varied, but among coed play dates where 4 year olds know each other, boys interrupt girls 3 times more often. The interruptions increase as the number of boys in a group increases. As a mom, I’m teaching my daughter (the fantastic Jane Ellen) to speak up and be heard. Stop the interruptions and let’s listen to what each other is saying.

Each letter is individually stamped resulting in a necklace that is charming in its simplicity and imperfection. Please note, the sterling silver necklace chain may vary slightly depending on what is in stock. Length options are 16" or 18"- email English if you need a different length. This necklace has a black onyx cabochon to commemorate the fly seen round the country...

20% of sales from the I'm Speaking collection will be donated to The Georgia Postcard Project, an incredible effort by Tricia Gephardt and her amazing team of volunteers in over 30 states and across the state of Georgia to remind people that each voice and VOTE matters. In 2020, the Project mailed more than 1 million postcards to educate and protect Georgia voters... Find them on FB at Georgia Postcard Project, and IG at @georgiapostcardproject.

 Each piece is designed and handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta, GA studio. Design copyrighted by ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997-2022.

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