Turquoise Slice Goldfill Twizzle Earrings

English Norman

Each pair of earrings in this collection is unique and different.  The dangles drop about 1 1/2" from the ear.  These earrings have a turquoise slice stone suspended from the hand formed swirls.  This beautifully sliced piece of turquoise is free form in shape and edged in gold-plate. The stones are natural and may vary from stone to stone. We try to put together the most similar stones and swirls to form a pair.  Because each pair is handcrafted, there may be slight variation in the swirl, stone, and size. The gold wire is 14K gold-fill. Please note that Alex's earrings are a different stone but the effect of the earring is the same. (I wish Alex was still in Atlanta so she can model the earrings again!!!)


Each piece in this collection is a delightful combination of semiprecious stones and “twizzles” of silver or gold. What’s a twizzle? It’s a fantastic, funky shape that is created when silver or gold is forged, formed, hammered, smithed, and soldered with great imagination to create a unique work of art.

Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta, GA studio. Copyright ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997- 2019.

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