Gold Shooting Star earrings with blue druzy drop

English Norman

Shooting Star earring with blue druzy drop

Shooting stars in the sky are unique, glimmering, and breathtaking occurrences- just like these earrings. Perfect for every day wear or able to leap into nighttime dazzle, these 14K goldfill earrings have movement, texture, and a semi-precious star dangling in the center. This earring has a deliciously textured pale blue druzy dangling from these hand-hammered and hand-smithed frames. What is a druzy? It is the glittering effect tiny crystals have when they are spread over the surface of a stone. Druzies occur naturally in minerals like amethyst, chalcedony, agate, calcite- the list goes on!! Because each stone is natural, each one is unique and may vary slightly. We choose stones that are most similar to put together for each pair of earrings. 

The gold wire and chain are 14K gold-fill.  
Dimensions are approximate:
Circumference of the hammered circle = approx 2"
Length from top of the earwire to bottom of the stone = approx 2 3/4"

All designs are copyrighted, ESN Artisan Jewelry, 1997- 2017.

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